We are open during the Covid-19 Shelter In Place Order

Beautiful #livemusic to soothe your soul.
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In honor of Hazel Dickens who played at @hardlystrictlybluegrass each year until her passing, I wanted to share this cover of her song Pretty Bird featuring @eliandwest
Full video at the link in le profile!
Hazel wrote of the song "I envied the little bird sitting on the high wire. It could fly away at any given moment and be free. So in 1972 I wrote this song"
I was able to watch Hazel perform while I was growing up attending the festival. What I think is most remarkable about the story is how two people from very different backgrounds came together through the love of music. My grandfather a banker from NYC/SF, and Hazel Dickens from a coal mining family in West Virginia. From what I've heard, initially Hazel was nervous about playing the festival, but over time it became her home, and the friendship between her and Warren changed one another for the better. Video by @pintofsoulvideos #hazeldickens #prettybird #eliwest #hardlystrictlybluegrass #ismay #pintofsoul

Garden patio open for dining!

Station House Cafe is open for outdoor dining in our beautiful garden patio. We’ve completed the Marin County Recovers Site-Specific Protection Plan and are delighted to welcome you for a safe and wonderful garden dining experience.

Seating on a first-come, first-served basis.

NOTE: Patio dining is available on days when the air quality is good.

County regulations

County regulations for outdoor dining:

  • Guests must wear masks at all times except when eating or drinking.
  • Parties of up to 6 guests allowed, but you must arrive together and be from the same household.
  • Tables must be for dining. Regulations do not allow guests to be seated for only beverages.


Our sister restaurant, SIDE STREET KITCHEN, will continue serving up delicious farm to table fare. Juicy rotisserie chickens, slow roasted tri tip and pork belly, and much loved vegetarian dishes, too! It’s just around the corner on 4th St.

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