Mural and sign on wall of Station House Cafe.


We are grateful to all the incredibly talented, dedicated, generous and kind people who contributed to the creation of our new space. 


Mary Mountcastle Eubank 
Tree, Ladder, Book
5’x7′ mixed media painting

Rozalynd Roos Merrill
Abbot’s Lagoon and Station House
Two featured paintings in the entrance and dining room

Art Rogers Photography
Historical photographs featured throughout the restaurant

Meryl Pataky
Abstract Neon

Urban Garden Studio
Rolling Hills of West Marin

Oat Foundry
SplitFlap Sign

Michael Garlington
The Fishmonger’s Daughter

The Space

Architect: Andrew Davis
Fluid Studios, Forest Knolls

General Contractor
24Seven Construction, Novato

Design Consultant
Denise Rocco-Zilber

The bar was created by Richard Vacha

Bathroom tilework by Brizuela Tile & Stone


Michael B Woolsey

Debbie Wilson